Sometimes views are only intended for a target audience:  high level only, appropriate security clearance, or team specific.  Views and Masters can both be used along with Filters to create these roadmaps.

Step 1: Add Field on the table view

On the table view add the field by which the roadmap will pivot.  This can be something general like Appear on Master, or something more specific like Security Clearance.  Add appropriate values for the field.

Once the field is set up, make sure that all roadmap items have the correct and appropriate values set in the field.  Decide which items should be visible in the master.

Step 2: Filter on a View or Master

Go to a roadmap view or a roadmap master and set a Filter so that only the correct items appear.  For example: set a view or master to display only Low security items.

Once this is set, the view will display on the correct items.

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