Roadmunk is working on a full Trello integration feature which will data to be brought in from Trello. In the meantime, this article shows how to use the CSV import function to allow for compatibility.

Export from Trello to CSV

A Trello roadmap will appear similar to the following image

Use the Trello menu and select Export CSV

Save the file and open it in a reader that can view CSV files (such as Excel or another tool)

For further details, Trello provides a walkthrough for exporting.

CSV Changes for Roadmunk

When opening the CSV it will appear as below

Mandatory Changes

The following changes must be made to the CSV file:

  1. Card Name -> Item
  2. Card Description -> Description
  3. Due Date -> End Date

Optional Changes

The following changes can also be made if desired but are not mandatory:

  1. Delete CardID
  2. Delete ListID
  3. Delete Board ID
  4. Delete Last Activity Date

Advanced Changes

If Roadmunk will be regularly updated from Trello, then an advanced change is to rename the CardID field to ExternalID. This should only be attempted by users who have read the article on Updating Import Data and who understand how the ExternalID field works.

Import to Roadmunk

Once changes have been made the CSV can be imported to Roadmunk.

See the importing tutorial for further steps.

Video Tutorial

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