Roadmunk is working on a full Version One integration feature in which data to be brought in from Version One. In the meantime, this article shows how to use the CSV import function to allow for compatibility. 

Export from Version One to CSV

Start off by going to your reports on Version One.

Go to the project burndown report.

Look for the following icon on the right side of the screen for several options on how to export. Choose "Download CSV". 

CSV Changes for Roadmunk

When opening the CSV it will contain the data from your Version One project. Please note you will have to format it differently in order to make it compatible with Roadmunk. 

Mandatory Changes

The following changes must be made to the CSV file:

  1. That the first column is called "Item". Must contain the title of the feature or project task.
  2. That there are separate columns for both start and end date.
  3. There there are columns called "bucket" and description. Neither need to be filled out.

For more information on formatting including examples, please download a free template from our templates page.

Import to Roadmunk

Once changes have been made the CSV can be imported to Roadmunk.

See the importing tutorial for further steps.

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