Payments can be handled either by direct invoicing or by credit card. Only users with the Account Admin security permission can process online payment.

Payment Security

Account safety is one of Roadmunk's key concerns. Details on Roadmunk security for payment cards are available on our security page here.

Billing Page

The billing page is accessed from the Account Settings page.

Select Billing to display the billing options.

The page displays all of Roadmunk's packages.

Choosing a Plan

Choose the payment plan that best suits your needs. Each plan has different features available for it. Select Select Plan to proceed to the payment stage.

Note: While Roadmunk plans are consistent in their offerings, some details can change. Make sure to read the details of what the plan includes before making a purchase. Email Roadmunk with any questions.

Payment Details

Plans can either be monthly or annual. Select the type of plan to purchase.

Select the number of user licences that are required by entering into the text box.

Enter payment card information in the space provided.

When finished, select Purchase to complete the transaction.

Please note: Roadmunk does not store credit card details within the application. See Roadmunk's security document for more information.

Changing Plans

A subscription summary is available on the Billing page once a plan has been purchased. To make any changes to an account select Edit.

Enter the new number of users into the text field to add or subtract users.

Use Select A Different Plan to change plans.

Changing Payment Cards

Select the Change text beside the the redacted card information to change payment cards.

Please note: The credit card information displayed is redacted and used only for verification purposes. Roadmunk does not store credit card information. For more security details see here.


Large companies often require specialised features or extra security confirmations. For Enterprise customers as well as for customers who require more official invoicing Roadmunk can provide full invoices.


As of the last Roadmunk update, coupons are all entered by Roadmunk staff into the backend. No more coupons required! Hooray!

Payment Problems

Sometimes there are problem with payments -- but that's no problem for Roadmunk. We do have a few observations which might help though:

  • Inform your credit card company. Because payment can be above the small purchase threshold, and and it is an online payment, users may need to inform their credit card company about the purchase.
  • For more information on payment cards being declined please see Stripe's help page here.


Pricing of Roadmunk packages is found within the application when making a purchase or is found on the Roadmunk website here.

Adding and Managing Users

For information on adding and managing users, please see the full article on User Management.

Video Tutorial

See below for the full video tutorial on purchasing Roadmunk plans.

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