Roadmunk is proud to support Google Chrome as its official browser. Chromium should also work fine for any lovers of open-source software.

As Roadmunk expands its offering, it will support Firefox, Safari and Edge in upcoming releases.

We’ve chosen to focus on Chrome initially for the following reasons:

  1. Development speed — Our development and QA cycles are dramatically faster giving us the ability to deliver the most value in the shortest amount of time to our users.
  2. Mass Adoption of Chrome —Since 2012, Google Chrome has grown from 35% to over 65% in 2015 and serve and the overwhelming majority of internet usage and search.

Also -- don't forget about Publishing via URL; see here for more details. Roadmaps that are shared with stakeholders via URL support all browsers!

(If you're having trouble with battery life on a device try this Chrome extension here.)

At an office which doesn't permit installing software, try Chrome Portable!

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