Fields are an integral part of Roadmunk, and are especially important when rolling up views into Master Roadmaps. They allow you to pivot data and organize your roadmap under headers and subheaders.

All Fields and values may be accessed across all roadmaps in an account. These Fields can be included and used on any roadmap within an account as long as that roadmap has values for that Field. This provides your team the ability to organize information that is consistent and powerful when trying to pivot.

Using Fields

In Master Roadmapping, all Fields are shared across the organization. This means that any Field created in one roadmap can be used in any other roadmap.

To see a shared Field in any roadmap where it is not already visible, click the + button to add a new Field, re-display a hidden Field or display all Fields available. Once a Field has been added to a roadmap for the first time, it will be associated with that roadmap and shared across the account.

Hidden Fields

Hidden Fields are Fields that have been added to your roadmap, but are currently concealed. 

Starred Fields

Starred Fields are Fields that have been Starred to encourage adoption across your organization.

Milestone Fields

Milestone Fields are Fields that have been assigned to Milestones.

Other Fields

Other Fields are all the other Fields that have been created across your organization’s account.

Editing A Field

By clicking on the header in the Items Table then selecting Edit, you are directed to the Field Card.

You can also navigate to the Field Card in the Timeline View or Swimlane View by selecting the Header.

The Field Card will allow you to edit the Field name, Field values and include information regarding the number of roadmaps using your Field. 

You can also see the user who manages the Field with the ability to grant permissions allowing other users to edit.

Starred Fields

Starring Fields promotes that Field to all account members, encouraging everyone to structure their roadmap the same way.

To add a star to a Field, edit the Field Card by clicking on the header in the table view and select Edit.

Account Administrators can then add a star using the option in the card.

Starred Fields can be recognized visually with a star on the Items Table and will also appear in the field list as Starred Fields.


When choosing Headers to display in your Master Roadmap, we recommend selecting Fields that are found in each of your Source roadmaps. This ensures you align data under shared Headers.

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