Roadmunk users should always be aware that there can be errors caused from using an out of date browser, or from having old code from an earlier version of Roadmunk in the browser cache. There are several steps that can be followed.

Browser Version

Roadmunk users should be using the most recent version of Google Chrome. Follow this link to see how Chrome updates and make sure you're up to date.

Browser Refresh

Refreshing the browser cache should always be tried before proceeding to other steps. Use the keyboard: Ctrl + F5

Browser Cache

One more possible browser issue is a conflict with old code existing in the browser cache. Click here to see instructions on how to clear your cache.

Browser Extensions

Sometimes browser extensions can conflict with the way that a browser interacts with Roadmunk. To test if this is the case, try running Roadmunk in Incognito Mode and see if it works properly. To see how to use private browsing read the article here.

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