Roadmunk saves roadmaps as you work on them -- similar to other online services!  You'll see the word Saving appear on the top right of the screen when something you're working on is being saved!

When it's done, you'll see it appear as saved!

How often does saving occur?

Saves occur whenever there is a period of inactivity on the screen.  Generally when you're not aware of it taking place!  If there is ever concern, leave Roadmunk alone for a minute and it will save.

Force a save

Saves can be forced by using the refresh button in Chrome.  If not all changes have been saved, clicking Refresh will trigger a force save.  Choose Don't Reload and Roadmunk will immediately save all changes.

Saving in Roadmunk 2.0 (Beta)

In the new version of Roadmunk changes are saved as they are entered, so no more worrying about unsaved changes!

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