This article discusses how to bring roadmaps from the classic version of Roadmunk into the new version which allows for the creation of Master roadmaps.

Import From Classic

The import function of the new roadmapping feature is found within the roadmap navigation menu.  Select the Import Roadmap option to go to the import screen.

Import Screen

Roadmaps can be imported one-at-a-time or in bulk.  If a roadmap has already been imported then a notification icon will appear beside it.

Roadmaps can be imported multiple times and they will create new roadmaps each time -- they will not overwrite existing imports.

Please Note

  1. Imports will take time and are not immediate -- don't worry if it takes a while.
  2. Upon import, it is best practice to delete anything that is unnecessary
  3. Imported roadmaps will have access to Shared Fields

Account Migrations

Migrating an entire account is done by way of the migration screen which is available on an opt-in basis for users.

Click on Migrate Now.

Important Notes:

  1. Migrating an account will take up to 1 hour to do during which time the account will not be accessible.
  2. Migrations are one-directional and will be permanently on the new platform.  They can never return to classic accounts.
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