Sometimes an import doesn't work. There can be a number of reasons for this which relate to the formatting of the CVS file.

Roadmunk customer support staff are always available to help users understand why these errors maybe happening.

Downloading Log

Use the link that is provided during an import to download the log.

Log Entries

The first entry in the CSV file will be titled Error. The corresponding items will explain the type of error.

In this example, the CSV has been opened with Excel. The cells in the error column all have had errors because the start date and end date are invalid.

Next Steps

The Error Log is a way for users to see for themselves what some of the importing difficulties might be, and it is also information that can be given to the Roadmunk team in order to assist users with import.

Once the error has been identified it can easily be corrected.

Don't be afraid to get in touch!

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