Roadmaps that are already within Roadmunk can be re-imported from CSV in order to draw updated values. Use the Roadmunk external ID field in a CSV to reference existing roadmap items.

External ID Field

The External ID field is a unique marker for each roadmap item that the application uses to track data. Roadmunk knows which item is which because of this field.

When exported or in a CSV file it appears as a separate column in the export. Pictured below is as it would appear in excel after export.

Update Data

Using excel, or any other CSV editor, update the data in the CSV file, keeping the external ID so as to reflect the same item. Only change the data of an item and do not change the external ID.


When reimporting the data it is essential that the externalID field is properly mapped on the Field Mapping stage. The article on this can be found here.

See the article here for more information on how to import.

Important: New import items with the same external ID as an existing item will overwrite the existing item.

Final procedures

Items may need to be replotted on the roadmap after import.

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