JIRA integration capabilities

  • Import up to 300 JIRA issues and related meta-data per roadmap
  • Map JIRA fields to Roadmunk fields
  • Use an existing JIRA login

NOTE: We strongly recommend using an Administrator account to log in to JIRA to avoid any permission problems.

Version details

  • Full support for Cloud JIRA (also branded as JIRA on Demand)
  • Support for Hosted JIRA (see Hosted JIRA requirements)

Hosted JIRA requirements

  • The JIRA Server should be publicly accessible so the Roadmunk server can connect
  • If the server is behind a VPN or firewall, 2 of Roadmunk's IP's need to be whitelisted¬†
  • If the JIRA ports are forwarded, make sure you're entering the correct URL
  • All intermediate certificates need to be valid

For detailed help on integrating Roadmunk with JIRA, go to Importing items from JIRA.

Integration Workflows

There are two possible workflows when using Roadmunk with JIRA.

Roadmunk as a visualising tool

In this workflow, resources and data are managed by JIRA and Roadmunk is used purely for visualising JIRA issues. 

When using this workflow, select the Sync & Overwrite All option during the import.

Roadmunk as a planning tool

In this workflow, some planning and changes are made in Roadmunk, and these should NOT be overwritten with older JIRA data during a subsequent import. 

When using this workflow, select the Import New Issues Only option during the import.

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