Reviewers are users who can only receive view-only permissions to roadmaps. They can see live roadmapping changes and need login access to the application. Reviewers are able to participate in Commenting on Items‍ as well as searching roadmaps.

Reviewer licences are added in the Billing section of the Account Settings.

If there is difficulty making a user a reviewer because they own a roadmap, please see the article on transferring roadmap ownership.

Adding Reviewers

Select Account Settings and go to the User page.

Select Invite Users

Input all user information including First Name, Last Name, Email, and Role. For Role select Reviewer.

Importing from CSV

Importing reviewers from CSV functions the same for reviewers as it does for other users. The article on importing users is here.

Upgrading Reviewers

To change a Reviewer to a Collaborator or an Account Admin, there must be enough Collaborator licences available. Look in the Users tab of the Account Settings to see available licences.

Select the drop-down menu beneath the user role to select a new role.

Suspending Reviewers

Reviewer accounts can be suspended with the activation toggle on the Users page. Click on the active toggle to move it to the off position and suspend a user.

Suspended reviewers appear in the Inactive Users tab.

Reviewing Roadmaps

Once a reviewer has been added roadmaps must be shared with them. To share a roadmap with a reviewer use the Share button from the table, timeline or swimlane view. Only a roadmap Owner or Collaborator can share a roadmap.

All users with shared access to the roadmap will be shown on the card. Typing in the text field will bring up the list of account users.

Reviewers can be set to View Only permission for the roadmap.

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