Managing users in a Roadmunk group account is done with the account management tool. This is accessed by selecting Account Settings.

User Management

The first settings screen has account options that are explained here. Select Users to go to the user management screen.

Roles and Permissions

There are three user roles: Reviewers, Collaborators and Account Admin


Reviewers can view roadmaps but cannot change or edit them.


Collaborators may create and share roadmaps, but they cannot invite new users to a group account.

Account Admin

Account Admin have access to user creation and billing options. See the Billing FAQ for more payment details.

Inviting New Users

Select Invite Users on the Users page.

Once details have been entered, new users will automatically receive an invitation email along with an account activation token.

Click Add & Invite when finished to complete the process.

User Activation and Suspension

Only account administrators control users in a group account. They can change user permissions and suspend or reactivate users.

The Active toggle is used to suspend or reactivate an account. (An admin cannot self-suspend an account)

Please note: Users change their own email address from their Profile page. For more information on changing email addresses see here.

Inactive Users

Inactive users do not count towards the total number of licensed users. Shared roadmaps are kept in the account. To reactivate an account use the Active toggle on the Inactive Users page.

Users Import from CSV

Users can also be imported from CSV with the import option. A template CSV is available here.

The CSV must have only four columns: 1. First Name; 2. Last Name; 3. Emails; 4. Role

Drop the CSV file into the import card to complete the process.

Import Errors

If there are import errors they will appear in a log. The log is similar to the error log for regular imported data. See more details on the error log here.

Inviting Users to Roadmaps

All Users need to be invited to review individual roadmaps once they have Roadmunk accounts. View the article on sharing and roadmap permissions here.

Video Tutorial

See below for the full video tutorial on user management.

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