Markdown language is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax designed so that it can be converted to HTML and many other formats using a tool by the same name. It is available for text formatting in the description field box.

Native Help Box

Select Formatting Help while editing an item's description.

Formatting Link

The complete syntax for Markdown is available here.

Scripting Codes

First Level Header

Create Beautiful Product Roadmap

Second Level Header

1.1 Create product areas and owners


Add two new lines to start a new paragraph. Add roadmap features, epics or items using the ADD menu.


**Plot All Items** on the Timeline View


Move them around using *drag and drop*


To do:
 – Invite product team
 – Export and print as letter
 – Get buy-in on roadmap

 Steps to make roadmap:
 1. Add items
 2. Select headers
 3. Pick colors


To view the roadmap as a URL [click here](


![The perfect roadmap](

Published URL Demonstration

The link below is to a template roadmap which contains several examples of how a roadmap item description appears when formatted with markdown.

Click here.

Example: Attaching Files

To attach a file using Roadmunk use the formatting code to create a link to an existing file.

For a file (Roadmunk's product roadmap template) located at

Use Markdown as follows:

  1. In the description field use square brackets around the filename text
  2. Add round bracket text for the file to be linked
  3. Click off the description text field to confirm that the formatting is correct

Above is the basic text inputted to the description field.

Above is the basic text as well as the URL link for the file

Above is the text as formatted after clicking away from the description box. The link is immediately active.

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