To manage your Field Permissions, access the Field Card by clicking the cog next to the Field name in your Items Table, then selecting Edit Field.

You can also navigate to the Field Card by clicking a header directly within your roadmap.

The person who creates the Field becomes the owner. Think of them as the person who is responsible for it. Owners may add managers to help them keep the Field clean and up to date. 

Click Edit Permissions to change Field owners and editors. 

To give a team member Field permissions, start typing their name into the text box, then select their name.

From the drop-down to the right of their name, choose if you want to make them an editor or owner, then Save your changes.

Only owners and account admins may delete a Field. They (Owners and Account Admins), as well as managers, may edit a Field. 

Any user in the system may use a Field regardless of who owns it. To minimize duplicate Fields for users in the account, you can merge similar fields together or star Fields to encourage adoption.

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