Creating Master Roadmaps

Master Roadmaps may be created from Roadmap Home

You can also create a Master from the roadmap menu when you're in a roadmap.

Adding Sources

In a Master Roadmap there is an additional tab for Sources. Sources are other roadmaps you have access to, and any of their views may be rolled-up into a Master Roadmap. 

Select the Source tab and choose a view from each source roadmap to add it to the Master.

You may roll up 2 or more views from Roadmaps that have been shared with you. When creating a Master that includes a view maintained by another person, you may want to ask them to rename their view so you're always grabbing data that is intended for your purpose or audience. When the owner or collaborator edits a source roadmap, your Master will reflect these changes. Any change made in the Master will also affect the source roadmap.

If there are filters applied to that view, the Master will show only the items reflected by the filter. To pull all Items from a Roadmap regardless of filters, select the All option under your Source Roadmap. By default, all Item & milestones will be selected when choosing a Roadmap.

Should you wish to add all Items and Milestones across the account, simply choose the Select All button at the top of the tab. 

This will give you the ability to see how the company is operating at the highest level!

Note: Only 350 Items and milestones may be loaded into a view.

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