There are 3 distinct user permissions that exist on each Roadmap: Owner, Edit, and View-Only access. 

The following 2 charts provide a high-level overview of both Roadmaps and Master Roadmaps.

Roadmap Permissions

Master Roadmap Permissions

An Account Administrator can designate the Owner of a Roadmap. 

Only Owners of a Roadmap may delete the Roadmap. If the Account Administrator wants to delete a Roadmap, they cannot do so without adding themselves as an Owner first.

How to Edit Owner

Step 1 - Invite a user to a specific Roadmap

By highlighting a Roadmap, then selecting Share, you can add a user to the Roadmap. Start typing their name then select the appropriate contact. 

Step 2 - Owner Access

After adding the user, select the dropdown next to their name to grant them with Owner access.

When a Roadmap already has an Owner, changing the Owner has the effect of making the previous Owner an Editor. Roadmaps may only have 1 Owner at a time.

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