There are many ways to wow your clients with Roadmunk, above and beyond the productivity boost that it provides.

A few suggestions:


When doing a presentation add roadmap graphics that have been tweaked and colored so as to provide a stunning and informative visual for your client.

Alternatively, log in live to Roadmunk and edit your roadmaps live with your clients to show them how their needs are being met.

Emails and Newsletters

Make URL links that you send out to clients which keep them informed about product status. Show them that you're on top of your game!

Read about sharing and URL exporting in the article here.

Company Website

Either on the company website or in other marketing materials, use roadmap graphics to visually communicate product planning with clients.

Learn more about exporting here.

Video Tutorial

See below for the overview video tutorial of Roadmunk's sharing and exporting capabilities.

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