Quick Guide to Roadmunk

Take just a few minutes to tour Roadmunk and get to know all its bits and pieces so you can start roadmapping sooner and more effectively.

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Written by Noah Wise, Nick Gray, and Jalil Asaria and 3 others

What is Roadmunk?

Take a look at what Roadmunk is all about and why it's an essential tool for aligning your strategy across the entire organization
Written by Noah Wise
Updated this week

Items, fields and views

Learn all about the three core elements of a Roadmunk roadmap, why they matter and how they work together
Written by Nick Gray
Updated over a week ago


Learn how milestones in a Timeline are a great way to spotlight your organization's goals, major releases, tradeshows, and achievements
Written by Jalil Asaria
Updated over a week ago

Visualizations: Timelines vs. Swimlanes

Learn about Timelines and Swimlanes and how they provide multiple visualizations of a roadmap tailored to specific needs and audiences
Written by Michelle Bucek
Updated over a week ago

Sharing and collaboration

See how Roadmunk drives collaboration with roadmap sharing, comments and mentions, activity feeds and notifications
Written by Jalil Asaria
Updated over a week ago

Exporting and publishing

Learn about the different ways you can share and present beautiful and compelling visualizations of your roadmaps to different stakeholders
Written by Stephanie Smith
Updated over a week ago

Roadmap templates

See how fast and simple it is to start roadmapping when you use one of our ready-made fully customizable templates
Written by Suthan Nanda
Updated over a week ago

Master roadmapping

See how master roadmaps give you a bird's eye view of your entire organization so you can align strategy across all stakeholders
Written by Nick Gray
Updated over a week ago