To turn a roadmap into an image file, the roadmap must be Exported. Roadmunk has many Export Options that can control the size and aspect ratio of the image.

The type of image file that Roadmunk uses is a PNG file.

Export to File

Select the Export button and choose Export to PNG, HTML, URL. This can be done from either the timeline or the swimlane.

Please note: The timeline view and swimlane view each have a different range of export options.

Image Export Options

To export to an image, set the export type to PNG on the header bar.

The footer bar on the timeline contains 5 options for export: Orientation, Dimension, Resolution, Background, and Extras.

The footer bar on the swimlane contains 2 options for export: Background and Extras.


The orientation can be set to either portrait or landscape. This determines how the roadmap will be oriented on the background panel.


The dimension determines the aspect ratio of the image. Select the one most appropriate.


Every option in dimensions carries its own resolution options. Resolution determines either the DPI or the pixels that are used in the image. The higher the number settings the larger the image will be and the more definition it will contain.

For very large roadmaps, be sure to use the largest resolution sizes.


The solid panel means that the roadmap will be on a solid white background, whereas the patterned one indicates a transparent background.


The extra options are:

  • Title: The title of the roadmap will be displayed above it in the image
  • Legend: A legend of all colors used and their explanation will be displayed below the roadmap
  • Footer Text: This is text that includes the Date that the image is created as well as a Roadmunk watermark.

Download Image

During the export process, a sample image will be displayed on the screen. This sample is a true likeness of the image. If the sample image is not suitable or needs changing, then the downloaded image will not be good either.

Select the Download PNG button to complete the export, and save the file to the local computer.

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