To show a roadmap in Powerpoint, the roadmap should be Exported and then inserted into a Powerpoint slideshow. It is important to remember the size and aspect ratio in the options to keep the visuals looking correct.

Export to File

Select the Export button and choose Export to PNG, HTML, URL. This can be done from either the timeline or the swimlane.

Please note: The timeline view and swimlane view each have a different range of export options.

Export Options

Set the export type to PNG on the header bar.

Set the Dimension field to 4:3 (PPT).

Select a Resolution based on the size of the Powerpoint slides that are being used.

Depending on the requirements of the Powerpoint slide show, select a Background for the roadmap. The solid panel means that the roadmap will be on a solid white background, whereas the patterned one indicates a transparent background.

Save File

Select the Download PNG button and save the roadmap file.

Add in Powerpoint

Select the Picture in a Powerpoint field to add an image.

Select the saved roadmap file and it will fit into the field. The Microsoft article on adding images in Powerpoint is here.

Video Tutorial

See below for the full video tutorial on exporting roadmaps to Powerpoint.

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