One of Roadmunk's key features is the ability to publish roadmaps to URL sites. This is an easy way to share a roadmap with stakeholders or team members.

Browser Support

When a roadmap is published to a URL it can be viewed in almost any browser including

  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Internet Explorer

Publish to URL

A URL is a static image which will not update or change even if the roadmap has been changed. URLs can be published from the Timeline view or the Swimlane view. Click Exportand select Publish to URL.

See an example published roadmap here.

Please Note: Roadmaps must be be republished whenever changes are made. The republished URL will be the same however.

Important: Be sure to password protect any confidential information when publishing to URL.

URL Updating and Refresh

The URL only updates when it is republished and unless it has been republished it will not be reflected on the URL.

The published URL does not automatically update in order to allow managers to release updates on their own schedule.

Password Protection

Use the password option at any stage in the publication process to set a protection mechanism for the publication. Without a password, nobody else will be able to see the roadmap.

URL iFrame

Published URLs can also be shown in an iFrame using the iframe command


To remove a URL link there are two options:

  1. Delete the View that generates the link
  2. Change the URL Password to something that nobody else can use

Video Tutorial

See below for the full video tutorial on publishing roadmaps to URL.

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