In order to take advantage of Roadmunks ability to track the progress of your items, you will need to create a Percent Field.

Creating and adding a Field

  1. In the Items Table, click the Add Field (+) icon on the far right of the table header. 
  2. At the bottom of the dropdown, click + Create New Field to open the New Field dialog

Creating a Percent Field

  1. Enter a Name for the Field, e.g, Progress or Completion Status
  2.  In the New Field dialog, select Numeric in the Type dropdown
  3. Select Percentage
  4. Click Create Field.

Adding values to a percent Field

In order to for you to display your items progress on your roadmap, you must provide field values for each item. You can take advantage of Roadmunks built in keyboard navigation to quickly and easily add percent values to your newly created percent Field. 

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