Creating & Populating Fields

Create a Field from the Inline Menu

Fields can quickly be created inline while working in the Items Table view:

  1. Locate the Add Field (+) button your Items Table 
  2. Start typing the name of the field you want to create 
  3. Click on the + New “______” Field option in the dropdown
  4. Select the Field Type you want to create

Once completed, the field will populate on the roadmap and will allow you to enter values into the cells in that column. One thing to note is that when choosing to create a List or Multi-Select list Field Type, a modal will appear allowing you to input field values prior to using the field on your roadmap.

Create a Field from the New Field Modal

Fields can also be easily created from your Items Table view through the New Field window:

  1. Locate the Add Field (+) button your Items Table 
  2. Click on the + New Field option in the dropdown to open the New Field window
  3. Enter the Name & Type of the field you want to create
  4. If necessary, populate values into the field prior to pressing the Create Field button

Once created, the field will automatically populate in the last column of your roadmap. One important thing to note is that the field may . 

Note: All new fields on your roadmap will be created as Roadmap Fields, meaning that they’re tied to that specific roadmap, and will need to be promoted if you’re looking to use them across multiple roadmaps on our account. For more information on Promoting Fields, click here.

Managing Fields

Working from the All Fields Menu

The All Fields menu on the roadmapping homepage allows you and your team to easily view, sort, and organize your roadmap fields; providing a hub with which you can quickly navigate, locate, and manage all fields on your account.

In this menu, you will find three folders for your fields:

  • Account Fields - In this folder, you can find all of the fields that are shared across multiple roadmaps on your account. Team members can be added to these fields by clicking the Members button in the toolbar that appears when you select a field, and unused fields can be archived by clicking the Archive button in your toolbar.  
  • Roadmap Fields - In this folder, you can see all of the fields that are exclusive to your roadmaps. These fields are unique to the roadmap they live on and can be easily promoted using the Promote button on the toolbar. Additionally, account admins are able to navigate between the roadmap fields they own and those belonging to their team members using the drop down menu that appears at the top of the screen.
  • Archived Fields - When an account field is no longer necessary, it can be archived into this folder. Archived Fields will continue to display in roadmaps that already use them but they can no longer be edited or added to other roadmaps. Additionally, archived fields can be restored or removed by clicking the respective Unarchive or Delete buttons.

Navigating Field Activity

The Field Activity in the All Fields menu allows you to easily monitor and track field activity on your account. This ensures that administrators are able to view any changes that have been made to fields, whether those are:

  • Fields being created or removed
  • Fields being promoted or archived
  • Team members being added or removed from fields

This panel will show activity for all fields - however, you can also click into the Field Card from your Field Activity menu and select the Activity tab in order to view activity on a field-by-field basis. The Field Activity panel and the Activity tab on the Field Card can't be used to track the activity of items on your roadmap. For more information on the Activity tab in the Item Card, please click here.

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