Bugs Squashed

  • When adding a hyperlink to the description of an item, all hyperlinks will open in a new tab
  • Milestones respect their position upon creation


  • In the Layout tab, you can now select the font size for your visualization that is reflected in any export!
  • Row Numbering: each row in the Items Table will have a corresponding number to easily count and reference your items!
  • A more powerful Items column: the Items column is now pinned as you scroll horizontally so you always have context when assigning values
  • Open the Item Card by selecting the Item Name rather than description
  • Quickly rename any item with the right-hand 'edit' button on hover within the Items Table
  • Upgraded Items Table styling so numbering, selecting, and dragging rows are more easily accessible
  • Improved performance when loading up Roadmap Home
  • Milestone editing can now be easily accessed via the Colors tab under the Format panel
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