Another option for sharing a roadmap view is publishing it to a URL. When you publish to a URL, you create a shareable link that points to an image of the view published on the Roadmunk host. Share the link with anyone or set up a password to provide access only to selected people. 

Publishing a Timeline or Swimlane

Select the view

1. In the View dropdown on the Roadmap navbar, select the view you want to publish.
You should see the Timeline or Swimlane icon selected in the View navbar, depending on the view's visualization type.
On the View navbar, click the Export icon.
3. In the dropdown, select Export to PNG, HTML, URL.
You should now see a preview of what the image will look like.

Publish the view

1. On the preview screen's top navbar, click the URL icon.
If you don't like how the preview looks, click the X in the top-right corner of the screen to go back to the view, make the changes you want, and then re-export.
On the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, select export settings:
Background: Select Transparent or White (default) for the image background.
Extras: Select the view properties you want to appear on the image: Title (roadmap and view names), Legend (what the colors mean), and/or Footer Text. All three are selected by default.
3. Click the Publish to URL button at the far right of the toolbar.

Set up the link

1. After clicking Publish to URL, copy the link from the URL field.
Open the link in your browser to test it and see the published view.
3. To password-protect the link, enter a Password. A password is optional.

Share the URL

Once a view is published to a URL, you can share the link any time by copying it in the Export dropdown.

Who can publish a view to a URL?

To publish a roadmap view to a URL, you must be the roadmap's Owner OR the roadmap must be shared with you as an Editor. You can't publish a view if you share the roadmap as a Viewer.

Although only Owners and Editors can publish a view, anyone with access to a roadmap can share the view's link by copying it in the Export dropdown.

To find out more about roadmap sharing and permissions, go to Sharing and collaboration in the Quick Guide and Share your roadmap in the Getting Started tutorial.

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