Instead of creating a new view from scratch, you can duplicate an existing view and customize it as needed.  

Duplicating a view

1. In the View dropdown on the Roadmap navbar, select the view you want to duplicate.
On the View navbar, click the Settings icon.
Select Duplicate View in the dropdown.

4. Enter a new name for the view (Title).
5. Click Duplicate.

Who can duplicate views?

You can duplicate a roadmap's view if you are the roadmap Owner or the roadmap has been shared with you as an Editor. If you share the roadmap as a Viewer, you can't duplicate any of its views.

To find out more about roadmap sharing and permissions, go to Sharing and collaboration in the Quick Guide and Share your roadmap in the Getting Started tutorial.

What happens when you duplicate a view?

Duplicating a view copies the source view's Timeline or Swimlane, filter set, and data pivots to the new view.

Because permissions apply to the roadmap, access to the new view is exactly the same as the source view. If you are the roadmap's Owner or an Editor, you can edit, rename, duplicate, delete, export, and publish the view. If you are a Viewer, you have view-only access and can only publish the view.

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