Like regular roadmaps, you can share your Master roadmaps with other users in your Roadmunk account. Unlike regular roadmaps, only the owner of the Master roadmap will have edit access. The users you share a Master roadmap with will have View-only access.

You can add as many Viewers as you want to a Master roadmap, and you can remove a Viewer or change their permissions at any time (see Change a roadmap's sharing settings). Users are notified via email whenever they're added to a roadmap as a Viewer unless they've turned notifications off.

Sharing a Master roadmap

You share a Master roadmap the same way you share a regular roadmap.

To see how, go to Add viewers to your roadmap. To see how to change a Master roadmap's sharing settings, go to Change a roadmap's sharing settings. To see how to transfer ownership of a Master roadmap to another user, go to Transfer ownership of a roadmap.

Who can share a Master roadmap?

To share a Master roadmap, you must be the Owner. Whoever creates a roadmap automatically becomes the Owner. You can see and access all the Master roadmaps you own in the Roadmap Home My Roadmaps and Masters panels.

Who can you share your Master roadmap with?

Users with either a Collaborator role OR a Reviewer role can be added to a Master roadmap as a Viewer. If you add a Collaborator to your Master Roadmap who is the owner of one of your Source roadmaps, they will be able to make changes to the items they own, regardless of View-Only permissions on the Master.

What can a Master roadmap Viewer do?

Users added to a Master roadmap as a Viewer can:

  • Access and view the Master roadmap
  • Duplicate the Master roadmap
  • Export a Master roadmap's view to PNG or HTML

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