When you can cancel your account depends on whether you have an annual or a monthly plan.

All our annual plans include a 20% discount and can be terminated only at the end of the contract year. Our monthly plans can be cancelled at any time. Cancellation becomes effective at the end of the current billing month and you have until then to export your roadmap data

Trial, Starter, & Business Accounts

If you are the account admin on a Trial, Starter, or Business account and would like to cancel, please click the Connect With Support button below to begin the cancellation process. This will walk you through the cancellation process and ensure that your off-boarding from Roadmunk is as smooth as possible.

NOTE: Users on these plans can also request removal under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) through this option as well.

Professional, Enterprise, & Managed Accounts

If you are on a Professional, Enterprise, or Managed account, please connect with your CSM directly or reach out to support@roadmunk.com for more information.

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