As an Account Admin, you can add users to the account after you've selected a plan and purchased licenses. When you add a user, he or she receives an invitation email with a link to activate and set up their account.

Each user you add is assigned one of three roles: Reviewer, Collaborator, or Account Admin (see User roles and Permissions). You need to purchase a Reviewer license for each user you add with a Reviewer role, and a Collaborator license for each user you add with a Collaborator or Account Admin role.

You add users through the Users panel in Account Settings. There are two ways to add users: manually or by importing them from a CSV file. In this article we show you how to add users manually.

Opening the Users panel

1. On the Roadmap navbar, click the Account icon.
In the dropdown menu, select Account Settings.
In the Account Settings dialog, click the Users icon.

NOTE: If you don't see the Users icon in the dialog, you don't have Account Admin permissions. To perform Account Admin tasks you must log in using an account that has an Account Admin user role (see User roles and permissions).

What's on the Users panel?

Here's a snapshot of what the Users panel looks like before any users are added to the account.

1. Default Account Admin user
Every new Roadmunk account starts out with an Account Admin user that's automatically added when the account is created. Although this user can be anyone in your organization (you can change the name and email address), you can't make the user inactive (Active/Inactive toggle) and you can't change the user's Role to something other than Account Admin.

2. Collaborators and Reviewers tabs
The Users panel has two tabs: a Collaborators tab listing users with a Collaborator or Account Admin role, and a Reviewers tab listing users with a Reviewer role. The tab labels show the number of users listed in each tab. 

3. Inactive Users tab
The Inactive Users tab lists users who have been made inactive. The label also show the number of users listed in the tab.

4. Invite Users button
Click the button to add new users.

Adding a user manually

1. In the Users panel, click the Invite Users button.

2. In the New User dialog, enter the user's First and Last Name.
3. Enter the user's Email address. Roadmunk uses this address to send the invitation.
4. Select the user's Role in the dropdown.
5. Continue to add users as needed.

Here's a snapshot of what the Users panel might look like after you add a few users.

And here's a snapshot of what a user's invitation email might look like.

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