As an Account Admin, in addition to adding users to the account manually, you can bulk-add them by importing them from a CSV file.

You start a bulk import from the Users panel in Account Settings.

Starting the import

1. On the Roadmap navbar, click the Account icon.
In the dropdown menu, select Account Settings.
In the Account Settings dialog, click the Users icon.
4. In the Users panel, click the Invite Users button.
TIP: To find out more about the Users panel and selecting roles when adding users, go to Add users to the account.

NOTE: If you don't see the Users icon in the dialog, you don't have Account Admin permissions. To perform Account Admin tasks you must log in using an account that has an Account Admin user role (see User roles and permissions).

Uploading and importing the CSV file

1. In the New User dialog, click the Import Users button.

2. In the Import Users dialog, click Download Template to Begin.
3. Open and populate the template with your user data, then save it as a CSV file.
4. Back in the Import Users dialog, drag and drop the file onto the dialog or click to browse and select the file.

The dialog displays a summary of how many users will be imported, listed by user role.

5. Click the Import Users button to finish the import.

NOTE: You can also do an import to update details of existing users instead of making the changes manually. Updated users are listed in the summary under UPDATES.

Here's a snapshot of what the Users panel might look like after the import is finished.

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