As an Account Admin, you can view field merges suggested by Roadmunk, and make the merges or dismiss them. 

Field merges allow you to get rid of duplicate fields and to merge roadmap-specific fields into starred fields. For more on field merging, see Merge fields.

NOTE: It's a good idea to check this list often so you can deal with suggested merges as soon as possible. Your aim should be to keep the list empty so you know you've gotten rid of all unnecessary fields. 

You manage suggested field merges in the Roadmap Home Suggested Merges tab.

Viewing suggested field merges

1. On the Roadmap navbar, click the Home icon in the top-left corner of the screen.
In the Roadmap Home navbar, click Suggested Field Merges.

NOTE: If you don't see Suggested Field Merges in the navbar, you don't have Account Admin permissions (see User roles and permissions).

The tab lists all suggested merges, showing the source field and the destination field, and the number of values in the source field that match values in the destination field. 

Making a suggested field merge

1. In the Suggested Field Merges tab, double-click the merge you want to make.

2. Make the merge in the Merge Fields dialog following the steps in Merge fields.

Dismissing a suggested field merge

1. In the Suggested Field Merges tab, select the merge you want to dismiss.
2. On the Merges toolbar, click the Dismiss icon.

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