As an Account Admin, you can make your Roadmunk account more secure by requiring users to create their passwords with enterprise level strength. If this option is turned on, passwords must contain an:

  • Upper-case letter [A-Z]
  • Lower-case letter [a-z]
  • Number [0-9]
  • Symbol [~!@#$%^&*]

The password strength option is set in the Company panel in Account Settings.

Opening the Company panel

1. On the Roadmap navbar, click the Account icon.
In the dropdown menu, select Account Settings.
In the Account Settings dialog, click the Company icon.

NOTE: If you don't see the Company icon in the dialog, you don't have Account Admin permissions. To perform Account Admin tasks you must log in using an account that has an Account Admin user role (see User roles and permissions).

Setting the password strength option

1. In the Company panel, select the Enterprise Password Strength checkmark to turn the option off. To turn it off, remove the checkmark.
2. Click Save.

NOTE: The requirement applies only to passwords set after the option is turned on.

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