As an Account Admin, you can view the login/logout history of all users in your Roadmunk account.

NOTE: This feature is available only if it's been enabled for your account.

You view your accounts security logs in the Security panel in Account Settings.

Viewing your security logs

1. On the Roadmap navbar, click the Account icon.
In the dropdown, select Account Settings.
In the Account Settings dialog, click the Security icon.
4. In the Security panel, click the Security Logs tab.

Filter logs by user

1. In the Security Logs tab, click inside the Search field.
2. Select the user in the dropdown. To find the user in the dropdown, start typing the user's name.
TIP: To clear the filters, click the X inside the Search field.

Filter logs by date range

1. In the Security Logs tab, click the Date icon to open the Date Picker.
2. In the Date Picker, select the Start Date and End Date of the desired date range.
TIP: To clear the filter, open the Date Picker again and click Clear selection.

Exporting logs to CSV

1. Follow the steps above to apply or clear filters as needed. 

2. Click the Export logs to CSV icon.

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