• Use Numbers on your Roadmap by creating Numeric Fields
  • Personalize your Account by Uploading an Avatar to your Profile

Bugs Squashed

  • After creating a new item on the Timeline, duplicates appear
  • Clicking the cog on the Table View doesn't close menu
  • Fixed Swimlane date header issue when trying to hide headers with Bucket dates
  • Timeline label colours not updating properly for items on condensed view
  • Item card not allowing a field to be created
  • Validation error formatting on key dates
  • Key Dates title truncation issue
  • Suggested Merges is not finding fields with identical names
  • Some roadmaps being duplicated do not show Title or Fiscal Year End
  • Swimlane/Timeline not updating after a field value is deleted
  • Improved precision of dragging and dropping itemsĀ 


  • Milestone enhancements make it easier to plan while on the Timeline
  • Item Summary has been extended to 300 Characters
  • General Performance Improvements
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