Performance Improvements

  • Making changes in the Item Card loads faster in your Timeline
  • Adding an item via +Item saves quickly to your Items Table for easier consecutive entries
  • Simplified filters in Masters for general performance improvements
  • Improved performance when scrolling through date slider
  • Improved performance when creating a new view


  • Notifications, commenting and emails reside in the Business+ packages

Bugs Squashed

  • When dragging and dropping an item on a Timeline, item retains positioning
  • Filters tab now loads when in Classic
  • Removed duplicate Buckets for accounts
  • When in a Master, Source tab correctly lists available sources
  • Clicking Shift+Drag of items avoids collision with other items
  • Creating a milestone within a Timeline now works as expected
  • Strictly JIRA synced items will contain a hyperlink to navigate to JIRA via the Items Table
  • Adjusting column width in Items Table retains its resized width
  • When sharing a template roadmap, edits to the color palette are now saved
  • Adding an empty header manually adds it correctly to your visualization
  • Hovering over items in Activity Feed displays correct date and time
  • Move Items functionality now limits to your roadmaps, excluding Masters
  • Moving a milestone on a Timeline no longer triggers other milestones to reposition
  • Dragging and dropping on a Swimlane no longer results in duplicate items
  • When navigating to the color picker, Format Panel stays open as expected
  • Moving items between sub-headers in a Timeline respects their new position


  • Changing your Date Preferences ensures any empty lane is hidden when applicable
  • Milestone dropdown spacing is now tighter for better readability
  • Export page has a lighter theme, the sidebar instead of the footer, and all drop-downs reside on the right
  • Field drop-downs are now in alphabetical order
  • Suggested Merges does not include Milestone Type
  • Ranking of headers has been improved
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