• You can now move multiple items at once in both the Timeline and Swimlane view. Learn how this can help shave hours off your work flow here!

Bugs Squashed

  • Items with conflicting dates in the Timeline view overlap
  • Not being able to add additional fields to items table after syncing with JIRA (BETA)
  • Row numbers are still visible when an item has been checked in the Items table 
  • Renaming a roadmap from within the Items table redirects the user to a Timeline or Swimlane view  


  • Updated our signup page with a new look 
  • Added a splash of colour to our user avatars!
  • Leading and training spaces are automatically removed in the email input field when inviting new users to Roadmunk 
  • Improved reporting of field values on new items created in Timeline and Swimlane views 
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