This article is going to go through the difference between one-way and two-way Jira synchronization. Here's where we pick our sync:

One-Way Jira Synchronization

The One-Way Jira  Sync provides a quick and easy way to import your Epics, Stories, and Issues from Jira into your roadmap. By setting up a Sync schedule, Roadmunk makes sure that your roadmap is always up to date with the most current Jira information. 

Two-Way Jira Synchronization

Say goodbye to double data entry for good! The Two-Way Sync seamlessly ensures that any changes you make in Jira will be reflected in your roadmap - and vice versa.

By using Jira fields (eg. Epic Link, Priority, Fix Version/s, Component, Assignee) as row or column headers in Roadmunk, updating those fields is as simple as dragging and dropping items in Roadmunk.

Adjusting start & end dates in Jira is as simple as dragging the timeline in Roadmunk.

Now that's powerful!

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