• Promote accountability and gain insight into confusing data-changes made to fields in Roadmunk by making use of the Field Activity Feed. Learn how here!

Bugs Squashed

  • Shift+Click does not let you select multiple items in the Swimlane view
  • Roadmunk fails to load if the Service Worker storage quota is exceeded
  • The Intercom message dialog sometimes shows up as part of the URL export
  • .exe and .dmg file attachments do not display an “invalid file” warning on upload
  • Item handles disappear in the  Timeline view when toggling between tabs
  • Items created are logged out of order in the Item Activity Feed
  • The +Color button is no longer covered by the Items label in the Colors Format panel 
  • Unable to add more colors to the color pallet in the Format panel
  • The Date Picker gets cut-off when changing or adding dates in the Items or Milestones table


  • Improved the stability of the Roadmunk platform including the export and Jira functionality
  • Improved the rendering speed of cells in the items table
  • Improved the Field Card design to accommodate the Field Activity Feed
  • Auto-capitalization for item names when using the condensed theme has been removed
  • Pressing the Roadmunk Home button now navigates you to the tab where the roadmap that you are currently on is listed
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