• We’ve made a bunch of improvements to Filters! Including making it easier to gain transparency and insight into exactly what items and fields are being filtered, a more robust and intuitive date-picker, and multiple UX improvements.

    Head over to this article to learn how you can leverage these new improvements to cater your roadmap exactly the way you want.

Bugs Squashed

  • Cannot copy/paste black (#000000) hex code into color palettes
  • Setting the item label to Source when in a Master roadmap does not update the item label
  • Starred fields are no longer marked on the Item Card
  • Tooltip remains visible after clicking the share icon in a roadmap


  • Right click + open when multiple roadmaps are selected now opens each roadmap in its own tab
  • The Epic Link field will now display a list of all Epics across all projects that a user has access to when using the Jira integration
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