• Keyboard navigation in the Items Table is now available in Roadmunk! Take advantage of common keyboard shortcuts found in familiar tools like Excel to speed up creating and editing items. Learn more here!
  • Be boardroom ready in a matter of seconds with our new Presentation Mode. Launch your roadmap into a presentable view right from within Roadmunk instead of spending hours slicing and dicing it so it fits in your presentation tool

Bugs Squashed

  • Milestone Table date dropdown no longer displays redundant Edit option
  • Roadmap field values now update correctly when dragging and dropping items in a Master Swimlane
  • Users invited to accounts with SAML enabled would sometimes get stuck in the user onboarding wizard
  • The CSV import wizard now correctly lets users map a column made exclusively of numbers to a Numeric Field
  • Navigating to a roadmap URL before completing the signup wizard as an invited user would result in an endless loading spinner. Users are now prompted to complete the signup wizard and are redirected to the URL on completion
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