• Account Admins on Professional and Enterprise plans are now able to mandate SAML SSO as the primary method of authentication for users accessing the Roadmunk app. Learn more about SAML SSO and how you can take advantage of this feature here.

Bugs Squashed

  • The Create New Field option in the Label Suffix dropdown now correctly displays the Field creation modal
  • Hiding empty subheaders now works as expected
  • Moving duplicate Items between a Header and a Subheader no longer results in an error
  • The Incorrect email format tooltip no longer appears incorrectly before a user has finished typing
  • The Edit Field dropdown in the Items Table no longer remains open if the Field is scrolled out of view
  • Validation now correctly prevents users from creating protected fields labeled Start date and End date
  • PNG exports now correctly match what is shown on the Export preview screen
  • Exporting roadmaps to PNG with a transparent background now work as expected, previously the background would appear dotted
  • The Settings icon on Fields in the Items Table would sometime become unresponsive, this behavior has been corrected
  • Roadmaps exported on Starter accounts are now exported with the correct dimensions
  • Exporting to PNG or HTML would sometimes trigger a URL export, this behavior has been corrected


  • The confirmation modal displayed when deleting roadmaps now displays the name of each roadmap that will be deleted

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