• Roadmunk now provides a simple and easy way for you to track the progress of your items right inside your roadmap! Learn more about Item Progress here.

Bugs Squashed

  • The Roadmunk Jira integration now correctly pulls all items from a user's Jira board
  • Sometimes an item's saving animation would appear on the wrong Item, this has been corrected
  • Users accounts no longer become corrupted if they exit the sign-up flow early
  • Upgrading from a Starter package would sometimes hide the user's tab unless the page was refreshed
  • Sometimes an exported URL would be displayed as a static image, this has now been corrected
  • The roadmap sidebay slinky mechanism now works as expected in the Timeline View
  • Sometimes users were unable to select the last roadmap when in the All roadmaps or Recent roadmaps tab, this has been corrected
  • Selecting a roadmap on the Roadmunk home page would sometimes deselect that roadmap when clicking on the sharing option, this has been corrected


  • ExternalIDs now appear as an option in the Item Suffix field when working with a Jira enabled roadmap
  • Improved the styling of Items when a hover event was triggered
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