Bugs Squashed  

  • Fixed an issue where items on a roadmap would duplicate if the Waterfall option was selected when using multi item move
  • Fixed an issue where the Master roadmap tutorial popup would block the SSO authentication screen
  • Fixed an issue where Field values could duplicate preventing users from adding items to the roadmap
  • Fixed an issue on the Items Table where multiple selected cell values would fail to populate when trying to assign a value to multiple cells at once 
  • Fixed an issue where user initials text displayed in default avatar image were misaligned
  • Fixed an issue where newly created items would filter out of view when placed on a roadmap with a percentage filter, even if they matched the percentage filter 
  • Fixed an issue where choosing to color by a Base Color would show all colors as grey instead of showing the most recent colors used
  • Fixed an issue where dropdowns in the Date Preferences modal were poorly formatted
  • Fixed an issue where users would get multiple error messages when attempting to move multiple items at once on a Master roadmap to a different source stream
  • Fixed an issue where the "Read more about Masters" hyperlink led to a 404 support page
  • Fixed an issue where the Milestone label in the Color tab in the Format panel would display incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where adding users to an account through CSV would display duplicate error message modals
  • Fixed an issue where capitalization in Field dropdowns were inconsistent
  • Fixed an issue where Items would remain on roadmaps after being deleted


  • You can now rename and delete color pallets and color swatches in the Colors tab in the Format panel
  • Pressing enter in the comment field now posts the comment 
  • Filenames in PNG exports now match the name of the roadmap
  • Roadmaps exported to URL now display the specific roadmap name and view in the browser tab

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