You can split your roadmap into multiple roadmaps based on the Field values that you’ve already set up. This can be useful for setting stricter Sharing permissions for different aspects of your existing roadmap, for example.

To begin, select one of your existing roadmaps from the Home screen.

Select the cog icon next to the roadmap name, and select Split Roadmap.

In the Split Roadmap dialog, enter an appropriate title for your new roadmap and select Next.

You can split a roadmap based on a field that you have already set up on your existing roadmap. Select a field and the corresponding field values that you want to populate the new roadmap with. Once everything looks good, select Next.

Your new roadmap will be populated with all of the items in your existing roadmap with the field values that you’ve selected. If you’ve selected multiple field values, multiple roadmaps will be created.

NOTE: All dependencies and item comments on your existing roadmap will not be copied over to the new roadmap.

Select Confirm.

Once you return to your Home screen, you should see the new roadmaps that you’ve split.

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