Bugs Squashed  

  • Fixed as issue where Items in the condensed theme could not be moved to the top stream of a header on the Timeline view
  • Fixed an issue where the Format panel no longer allowed users to scroll to see all their colors and milestones
  • Fixed an issue where using the up and down arrow keys in the Item Card to update a percent field value would not save changes
  • Fixed an issue where the field dropdown would get cut off if it opened upwards
  • Fixed an issue where custom color pallets would get reset to the default Citrus color pallet
  • Fixed an issue where the All Data view would sometimes fail to render Items
  • Fixed an issue where some users were unable to open Item cards on a Master roadmap even though they had reviewer permissions on the source roadmap


  • Roadmunk now does a better job of warning the user if their Jira credentials no longer work in Roadmunk to establish a sync, instead of trying establish a sync indefinitely and locking out the account

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