As more and more Collaborators join your Roadmunk account and begin creating roadmaps, it becomes important to organize your list of Fields in a way that prevents duplicates from being created.

Tip 1: Have Collaborators Check for Pre-existing Fields Before Creating a New Field

All Collaborators can freely create new Fields in Roadmunk. Therefore, we recommend communicating to your team members that they should check all existing Fields before making the decision to create a new one.

Tip 2: Make Use of Starred Fields

We recommend coming to a consensus on some common Fields that will align your data across roadmaps and starring them. Starring a Field will make it populate first on the list of Fields when working in the Item Table, which will entice your team members to use them.

Tip 3: Limit Edit Access to Fields

To control the number of users who can add new values to List and Multi-select Fields, we recommend limiting edit access to them. Go to the "Fields" section on your Home Page, select a Field, and select "Permissions" to change who can edit the Field.

Tip 4: Take Advantage of "Suggested Merges"

If you're an Administrator of your Roadmunk account, you can view Field merges suggested by Roadmunk. Field merges allow you to get rid of duplicate Fields and merge roadmap-specific Fields into Starred Fields. Go to the "Suggested Merges" section on your Home Page to see Roadmunk's recommendations.

We recommend checking the “Suggested Merges” page every so often to deal with duplicated Fields as early as possible.

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