• Users running into HTTPS certificate issues when setting up a Jira integration now have the option to disable strict certificate checking. Learn more here
  • Items with progress values of 0% no longer display a percentage value on the visualization, resulting in a cleaner appearance of both the Timeline and Swimlane view

Bugs Squashed

  • Fixed an issue where the Undo option would fail to revert some changes to items on the Swimlane View
  • Fixed an issue where duplicating roadmaps could fail if file attachment data had been damaged when moving users between accounts
  •  Fixed an issue where some buttons in the Roadmunk navigation bar had incorrect background colors
  •  Fixed an issue where Template previews failed to load
  •  Fixed an issue where users on Safari could not close the search modal
  •  Fixed an issue where adding an Item in-line near the bottom of the Items Table would no longer let users add additional items in-line
  •  Fixed an issue where the "Item will be moved to next page" warning would incorrectly appear on the Items Table when adding the last item to a page
  •  Fixed an issue where part of the navigation UI would show on top of the loading overlay
  •  Fixed an issue where the Create New Field dialog on a Master roadmap would not go away after creating a field. Fields can only be created on source roadmaps with Edit access
  •  Fixed an issue where the [+] horizontal header button was partially cut-off by the edge of the screen
  •  Fixed an issue where the Milestone type field would not automatically appear when creating a new roadmap and navigating to the Milestones Table
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