Standard Roadmaps

Roadmap vs. Account Fields

Roadmap Fields in Roadmunk belong to one specific roadmap on your account. This means the field is unique to that roadmap, which allows for greater granularity in your roadmap data without having to worry about cluttering up your team's field selection menus in their Roadmap and Items Table views. Roadmap fields can be promoted to Account Fields at any time, providing teams with the freedom to choose their 

Account Fields in Roadmunk belong to the Roadmunk account and not to any one roadmap. This means the same field can be used by across all roadmaps on your account. Sharing fields across roadmaps not only avoids duplication, but also allows for consistency in field nomenclature and roadmap structure, which facilitates cross-roadmap alignment and, ultimately, alignment across your entire organization. 

Importing Fields from a CSV

When importing items from a CSV document, existing Roadmap or Account Fields will be automatically mapped to matching fields in your CSV document. If there is no match found in the CSV, the Field will be imported as new Roadmap Field. System fields, such as items, description, date, and milestone type, will be mapped accordingly to the appropriate fields. 

Updating Field Details in the Field Card

Field details and values, such as the field name, field values, and team members can be edited any time in the field card, which can be accessed through the drop-down menu in the field headers on your Items Table or by clicking into the fields shown in the folders on the All Fields menu. You can also view changes that have been made to the field through the Activity tab in your Field Card.

Updating Field Types

At this time, field types are static and cannot be converted into other field types. While certain field types can have their formats changed (e.g. a “Currency” field can be converted into a “Percentage” field, because technically they’re various formats of a number field), there is currently no way to convert one field type to another. 

Master Roadmaps

Exploring Common Fields & Account Fields in Masters

When pulling fields into Master Roadmaps, it is encouraged to pivot by Common Fields or Account Fields pulled from the Source Roadmaps. While Roadmap Fields are useful for providing more detail on the source roadmaps, the lack of commonality across multiple roadmaps can prove to make pivoting and sorting your data more complicated than necessary.

Merging Fields & Suggested Merges

Merging Account Fields

In order to reduce clutter and prevent duplicate fields in your account, account admins are able to merge existing Account Fields with other Account and Roadmap Fields of the same type. 

Suggested Merges

As an Account Admin, you can view field merges suggested by Roadmunk, and make the merges or dismiss them. Field merges allow you to get rid of duplicate fields and to merge potentially superfluous fields into Account fields. 

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